About The Integrated Space Plan

Our Kickstarter Campaign is a Success!

Our Kickstarter campaign has successfully surpassed its original goal, and our stretch goal! Thanks to all who contributed to this campaign! The team has already made some preparations for the project, and we will now be able to bring it to fruition.

We are just beginning the transition from the Kickstarter campaign to this, the permanent website.

We have begun setting up an online store to allow anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign to participate in this great project and put a poster on your wall. Through this, we will be able to handle orders from outside the US more easily. Of course the Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive their rewards.

For those who are not familiar with the Integrated Space Plan:

In the late 1980s, an Integrated Space Plan (ISP) was developed by Ron Jones at Rockwell International to give a visual representation showing how the major space infrastructure elements fit together. The original plan adorned many walls at research institutions, universities, and aerospace companies, and even the wall of the NASA administrator’s office. We understand that a few copies of the ISP are still to be found on the walls of some NASA Field Centers.

Now it is time to revisit the ISP and fully update it for the remarkable events coming over the next century! But updating the plan is just the first step, we have much more planned...

Joining with Ron Jones, Integrated Space Analytics LLC, a subsidiary of Space Finance Group LLC, will update the ISP with the latest developments in the space industry, including its increased internationalization and commercialization. The ISP will also be published on a public website to allow in-depth exploration of the connections across the entire industry. It will be a valuable tool for people in the industry to understand the desired space infrastructure, and its influence on our economy.

Our goal is to introduce to the public the breadth and complexity of our efforts on space exploration and development. For that purpose, this project will re-introduce the Integrated Space Plan format and its benefits as a visualization tool. We will update the ISP to reflect today’s programs and the current view of how our future in space will develop. It will be inclusive in nature containing commercial, national, academic, military, and non-profit projects. The associated website will be interactive, with discussion groups and other feedback mechanisms. Most importantly, the ISP will show which projects are most urgent and must be prioritized because they are the building blocks our future will be based on.

Customers: see http://getdkan.com for more information.